ProBack Clinics Spinal Decompression Protocol

May 18, 2020

Author: Dr David Brown DC - Clinic Director & Chiropractor , ProBack Clinics Surbiton

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Back pain is a major problem in the UK with 40% of us suffering every year.


Proback clinics use cutting-edge technology combined with traditional chiropractic knowledge in what we believe to be the most advanced non-surgical back care program in the UK. We specialise in treating back pain and sciatica which is often caused by damage to the discs. Many of our patients have already been diagnosed with nerve and disc problems but are stuck in a world where the medical community say they’re just not ready for surgery.

Our ProBack teams have seen more than 25 thousand new patients over the past 15 years and our aim is not just to identify and diagnose injured discs but to analyse and correct how the problem occurred in the first place.


As well as talented chiropractors our clinics operate revolutionary technology specifically designed to aid in the treatment of damaged discs and trapped nerves. Spinal Decompression tables offer a modern form of traction stretching and encourage healing in damaged discs and releasing the pressure on nerves. We use chiropractic mobilization and shockwave therapy to combat joint dysfunction and muscular spasm. Also Laser Therapy which is proven to reduce inflammation in angry joints and nerves.


We run a flagship program for helping disc patients which takes just 9 weeks and targets an average improvement of 80%. In 2019 of patients who completed this program rated their satisfaction as nine point three out of ten.


So if you think you’ve tried everything but you’re not ready for surgery then click the link below for more information on our ground breaking service.


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Last modified : June 19, 2020