12 Signs of a Disc Injury

June 16, 2020

Author: Dr David Brown DC - Clinic Director & Chiropractor , Surbiton Branch

Dr David Brown DC, Clinical Director & Chiropractor explains the

12 Signs of a Disc Injury

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How can you tell if you’ve got a disc injury?

Dr David Brown DC is going to give you twelve things to watch out for which when added up suggests that the discs are damaged.


1. First of all the pain is there all the time

2. Secondly the pain is often only on one side

3. Pain radiates down the leg

4. Pain then radiates past the knee

5. The pain is often sharp on movement

6. It’s at its worst when getting out of a chair, going from sitting to standing up

7. Pain in the first degrees of movement, so the first 30 degrees of bending forward

8. Some relief when going backwards into extension

9. Twisting movements

10. Pain first thing in the morning when you get up

11. Pain whenever you get moving again from a period of inactivity

12. Lastly, pain when you cough or sneeze


As you may know my team at ProBack pretty much specialise in helping people with disc damage and trapped nerves. About 50% of our cases involve sciatica alone. So to know what treatment is best it’s super important for us to differentiate between a disc that is damaged and pain that is from a simple mechanical issue.


If you’ve said yes to most of these signs then get in touch for more information about how ProBack Clinics are revolutionising treatment for disc injuries here in the UK.


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