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A Simple Solution to Sciatica

January 4, 2018

Sciatica; the term given to pain caused through the irritation or compression of the sciatic nerve in an individual.

It is a symptom that many of us have some knowledge or experience of, either on a personal level or through family or friends being unfortunate sufferers. Furthermore, studies have shown that around 60% of lower back pain patients complain of sciatica-related symptoms making it a particularly prevalent symptom.

If we try to understand the human anatomy, it becomes clearer as to why sciatic pain alongside lower back pain is present. The sciatic nerve is the longest in the body, running through the buttocks and down the length of the legs to the feet. Many of our patients often mention shooting, stabbing or even pins and needles type of sensations in these regions of the body. These can be highly irritable in nature and in some cases excruciating enough to prevent the performance of every-day tasks that we often take for granted, i.e. walking or simply getting up from a sofa.

Personally, I have witnessed first-hand how debilitating sciatica can be, with my mother suffering from symptoms for many years. A long-term lower back pain sufferer, she has tried hours and hours of various treatments offered to her, only providing short-term relief. Spinal manipulation, traditional chiropractors, osteopaths, physiotherapists and acupuncture have always shown promising signs of recovery initially, but tended to encourage coping mechanisms or exercises as opposed to actual recovery.

My mother initially experienced burning and shooting sensations down both her legs whilst bending down to pick up a box and she seized to a halt. She immediately sought medical advice which revealed that, like 90% of sciatica case mechanisms, she had herniated a lumbar disc with resultant sciatic nerve compression. The term ‘disc herniation’ refers to the discs found in between each of the vertebra in the spine, and despite common belief, are only supposed to accommodate for 10-20% of bodily force. Known as the body’s ‘shock absorbers’, the discs can bulge, crack or tear through degenerative disc diseases or pressure caused by poor posture or lifting heavy things.

As previously mentioned, my mother tried so many different treatments that had no real long term relief. She was then offered surgical options but was strongly against these, like many are, due to the various complications and risks involved. One option that we weren’t aware of at the time was spinal decompression and had no idea where to turn. Luckily we discovered Spinal Decompression after I trained to be a Proback Practitioner and thanks to this innovative treatment, my mother has never felt better.

To conclude, if you are a sciatica pain sufferer, seeking a non-surgical and proven-effective treatment solution, pop into one of our clinics and ask about spinal decompression. Offering a 90% satisfaction rate, our patients often feel huge relief and improvements in posture, well-being and pain-levels after only a few visits. In some cases, the treatment has literally been life-changing to individuals, offering increased quality of lives that they had always strived for, eager to tell friends and family to visit us as soon as they can.

Last modified : September 18, 2023
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