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Treating Knee Pain

The knee is a joint that bears the weight of your body on a day-to-day basis, so it’s unsurprising that knee injuries are extremely common. You are more likely to suffer knee injuries if you play sports that involve sudden turns, like football, tennis or running. Knee pain can also be caused by wear and tear from everyday activities.

Causes of Knee Pain

Common conditions that can cause the above symptoms include:

Ligament Damage

Most often caused by trauma from a sudden change of direction. The knee has four ligaments at the front, back and on both sides. If damaged, the ligament will be swollen, cause pain on movement, and you may be unable to put weight on the knee.

Meniscus Tear

A meniscus tear is a common injury among athletes, and can happen when the knee is suddenly twisted. The tear occurs to a piece of cartilage located between the femur and the tibia, which absorbs shock in the knee. This condition causes pain, swelling and sometimes a crunching sound can be heard when moving the knee.

Knee Bursitis

A bursa is a small sac of fluid which protects the knee joint, so that the tendons and ligaments can move easily. If this is damaged, the knee can become swollen.


A wear and tear condition caused by the loss of cartilage in a degenerating knee. People with osteoarthritis may experience pain, stiffness and perhaps clicking or crunching sound within the knee. With osteoarthritis, the joint in the knee becomes much weaker, this can leave you more prone to fractures.


A knee fracture can be caused by a sudden trauma to the area. This is likely to mean severe pain when touching the area or when moving.


Tendinitis is a direct result of overuse of the patella tendon. The knee may become very swollen and it can hurt to bend the knee normally when going up or down stairs.

Patellafemoral Pain Syndrome (or ‘Runner’s Knee’)

The most common injury caused by running. Those with runner’s knee may have a pain around or behind the kneecap. This can make everyday activities like walking up or down stairs, or sitting painful.

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    “Pain & Weakness Gone”

    I have lived with knee pain for years, but after a really nasty bout a few weeks ago which left me unable to walk unaided, I attended Proback. After a 6 week course my worst knee seems really 'normal' - the constant pain and weakness has gone! I am so very happy to have walked in their door! I have my confidence back knowing they can always help me.

    Janet Owen (Trustpilot Review)

    Symptoms of a Knee Injury

    The symptoms of knee pain vary depending on the condition, but these are the most common:

    • Swelling
    • Stiffness in areas of the body
    • Unable to bend or straighten the knee
    • Hot to the touch
    • Instability
    • A clicking or crunching sound in the knee

    Our Knee Pain Treatments

    The first step in treating knee pain is finding the underlying cause. A thorough examination at one of our ProBack Clinic in London will help identify exactly what’s causing the problem. After a diagnosis is made, treatment can be undergone to relieve the pain, correct the problem or prevent it from recurring in the future.

    • For conditions that cause swelling and inflammation, our K-Laser therapy can be the best approach. The K-Laser passes through the skin into the tissues of your knee, generating energy into the cells. This can increase blood flow to the area which helps to pump nutrients into the knee. This quickens the natural healing process of damaged tissues.
    • For many forms of knee pain and stiffness, shockwave therapy is especially effective as it helps break down scar tissue around the joint and improves movement. Shockwave can be a fantastic therapy for a condition like tendonitis. Tendon injuries can be much slower to heal due to the lack of blood flow in the area. Shockwave is able to increase the blood flow to the area this helps the condition heal much better.


    Muscle imbalances around the knee and thigh, lack of mobility in the hip, impact injuries caused by sports can all cause knee pain. One of the most common causes we see at ProBack Clinics is arthritis, caused by degeneration of the cartilage in the knee. Knee conditions can also be brought on by other problems within your body. For example, an issue in the spine can make joints move incorrectly. This can create more pressure on the knee as it bears the weight of the body.

    Some knee conditions are difficult to heal because there isn’t enough blood flow in the area or a lack of mobility in the body is putting more pressure on the knees. Shockwave therapy works by using a tapping (percussion) motion to break down scar tissue and improve the movement in the joint. It also helps the circulation of blood flow to the joint, allowing nutrients to enter the area creating the ideal healing environment.

    To rehabilitate the knee area, we need to find the underlying cause of the problem. To do that, we carry out a thorough examination so we can understand the condition of your body and your individual needs. For some people, going straight into exercising an injured area is a very bad idea – it can cause more harm than good. Instead, we recommend introducing gentle exercises once your condition has improved and exercises are tolerable. For patients whose injuries have been caused by sports or working out at the gym, we advise that they should stop their gym or training programme until their condition is well managed.

    Book A Consultation For Only £90

    Use the form below to book a consultation.

    Consultation includes examination, x-ray (if required) and results.

    We typically reply within 60 minutes during opening hours.

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      Book A Consultation For Only £90

      Use the form below to book a consultation.

      Consultation includes examination, x-ray (if required) and results.

      We typically reply within 60 minutes during opening hours.


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