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At Proback, we look forward to providing you with exceptional care. We understand that your body needs a specific plan of care in order to repair itself and heal. Below is a description of what you can expect when you come to see us.


Your first visit

During your first appointment with us, you will need to complete a new patient form detailing your history and questions about the problems you are currently experiencing. Once this is taken care of, one of our highly trained therapists will take you through to discuss your body concerns and complete a thorough examination. If clinically indicated or required, x-rays of your spine will be taken. We will usually require 24 hours to analyse your x-rays and review your case in preparation for your results session.

Please reserve at least 45 minutes for your first visit and arrive early to allow time to fill out our required paperwork. If you have any X-rays, MRI results or any other test results, bring them with you and we’ll make copies.


Your second visit

When you return, we will review our findings with you and explain the results. Your practitioner will tell you what’s happening with your spine. Your practitioner will review your X-ray results and will tell you what is happening with your spine and explain how any issues can be corrected. At this appointment, we will ask you what your goals and expectations are for care.

Together we will take these goals, create an individualised program and recommended treatment plan to get you back to optimal health.



Once the best form of care has been decided upon, you will proceed either with shockwave therapy, spinal decompression or laser treatments.

As you start to feel a decrease in pain and an increase in stability, your spine will need to strengthen or possibly be realigned using spinal orthotics. It is while you get reassessed that one of our practitioners will perform muscle tests and prescribe the right exercises to encourage healing. If your practitioner recommends Spinal Orthotics, these are used at home and will help the spine to regain its flexibility and strength again.

“My pain levels have reduced and I’m more flexible.”

Cecil Nelson

13th July 2016

“I have more confidence in my overall movement”

Andy Smart

8th March 2017

Proback have been amazing they have given me my life back!

Toni Hope

23rd January 2019

Our Clinics

  • 1. ProBack Clinics Victoria.

    Flat 4, Evelyn Mansions,
    Carlisle Place, Westminster
    SW1P 1NH.
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Proback Clinic Victoria is located on Carlisle Place almost on the corner of Victoria Street. We are in front of John Lewis headquarters and behind Saudi Arabian Airlines and Prêt a Manger. The clinic is located in a private block of flats (Evelyn Mansions) on the first floor. To get into the building, press number 4 and press enter.  

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