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Advance Back Care Since 2007

Effective Gentle Non-Invasive Solutions

Our underlying philosophy was born out of the understanding that not all patients like Spinal Manipulation and in fact many patients were deterred from visiting Chiropractors or Osteopaths until all other avenues had been exhausted.

The goal was clear to be able to provide an effective treatment program that retained the chiropractic core philosophies of improving mechanics and stimulating nerve function without the need for “cracking” joints.

Non-Surgical Treatments

We have spent the past 5 years refining treatment programs aimed at bridging the current gap between clinics utilising traditional manipulative therapies and surgical interventions. Our hope is to continue to promote our advanced back care solutions and undermine the perception that drugs and surgery are the only fall-back option when it comes to cases where traditional methods have failed.

Forward Thinking

We stay up to date with the newest technologies, so we can continually improve outcomes whilst minimising the risks of adverse effects for our patients. We continually scan the world for new advances to add to our available treatment.

Patients First

Our Patients are the reason we exist. Our conduct, behaviors, and operations are designed to ensure that every visit exceeds expectations. We seek and welcome feedback, looking to continually improve based on insights from our patients.


We only treat patients when we think we can help them. We explain the risks and the likelihoods of all outcomes to ensure we manage expectations.


We strive to demonstrate our respect for others by providing a 5-star experience for our patients. We want to be the best which comes with a personal challenge for each of our staff members to deliver ongoing excellence.


Proback understands how debilitating and painful back conditions can be, we place genuine empathy and understanding at the core of what we do. Whilst it is impossible to understand exactly what a patient is experiencing, we aim to comfort them by letting them know; we have the knowledge to figure out their complaint, the skill to help treat it, and the experience to complete the task ahead.

Latest Technology

ProBack has continued to be at the cutting edge of innovation, with recent advances in Spinal Decompression Therapy and Laser therapy we have now a rounded arsenal of equipment that has developed into a unique premise for improving quality of life via advanced healing solutions.


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How To Find Us

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