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At ProBack in London we believe the use of spinal orthotics, called dennerolls, are a key step in rehabilitation, one that can help prolong the effects of your treatment in the long term. A special orthotic can be used when lying down on a solid surface, and is recommended for use in a specific area, to encourage a change in that part of the spine.

When is a spinal orthotic used?

An orthotic can be used in treatment when your spine is not in the normal position. While you may not notice when your spine is out of alignment, the impact it has on your body shouldn’t be underestimated. The easiest way to explain the effects is by using the example of a table. If a table has four legs, and one of those legs goes slightly out of place it will still function the way it should. However, a leg out of alignment in a table can make it more vulnerable to damage because of increased pressure on the other three legs. Bringing the spine back into a more natural, healthy position will reduce the amount of pressure on your spine, increasing the durability and sustainability, while also improving the way the body functions.

How are spinal orthotics used?

The use of our spinal orthotics is usually possible because of our extensive training and examination process. Analysis of x-rays in your examination will allow us to see the exact positioning of your spine, and understand to what degree we think we’d be able to correct your spinal misalignment.

  1. There are different dennerolls for each area of the spine, including cervical, thoracic and lumbar, and for types of scoliosis. These orthotics also come in different sizes depending on the person using them. While these orthotics may not be tailormade for each patient, the area in which an orthotic is used will be individual to your condition. This is because spinal misalignments will be different in each person’s case.
  2. During the corrective phases of treatment, one of our practitioners will show you how to use your denneroll and monitor your usage until they are happy you are able to take it home for daily use. It’s important to remember that used incorrectly, a denneroll could introduce a change in the wrong area of the spine, so it must be used properly.
  3. Once you feel ready, and your practitioner is satisfied, you’ll be able to take the denneroll home. We will always recommend using the denneroll for 15-20 minutes per day alongside your treatment, and even after your corrective phase of care has been completed, to make sure the results of your treatment last as long as possible.

Frequent Questions

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“My pain levels have reduced and I’m more flexible.”

Cecil Nelson

13th July 2016

“My pain disappeared

Cacilda Stakteas

24th February 2017

“I have more confidence in my overall movement”

Andy Smart

8th March 2017


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