What is the cracking noise in Chiropractic?

June 23, 2020

Author: Dr David Brown DC - Clinic Director & Chiropractor , Surbiton Branch

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What is the cracking noise in Chiropractic?


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The cracking or popping sound that you get with chiropractic is synonymous with chiropractic manipulation to the extent there’s even websites out there dedicated to it.

But the truth is the noise is just air bubbles changing position as pressure changes within a joint.

Think of your knees when you stand up they often and painlessly go click, this happens regularly throughout the day as the biggest joint of the body it is easy to reproduce.

But in truth most joints build pressure and sudden changes in pressure often will release an audible sound. The truth is that noise is not associated with healing at all, it’s just a very satisfying by-product.

Indeed, here a ProBack we have several technologies that we employ alongside or as an alternative to manipulation that don’t require any clicking or cracking sounds at all.


Spinal Decompression offers a modern form of traction stretching and encourage healing in damaged discs and releasing the pressure on nerves.

Shockwave therapy to combat joint dysfunction and muscular spasm.

K-laser therapy which is proven to reduce inflammation in angry joints and nerves.


So if the only cracking noises you want to hear are from your morning eggs, then contact your local ProBack Clinic today and find out more about our revolutionary treatments.


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