Drug Free Pain Relief

January 19, 2018

The use of prescription painkillers is at an all time high, and the painkiller addiction is following the same trend. Surely it must be time to seek alternative methods of pain relief? I, among many, have had injuries that resulted in the natural thought process of; feeling pain = must take painkillers. This in moderation isn’t as much of an issue, but the strength of those painkillers prescribed by your GP can produce some serious side effects. More often than not, you’ll continue to take them until you complete the recommended dose pattern, probably forgetting to notice if you were still in enough pain to justify taking them. It is far too easy to fall into the belief system that painkillers are actually helping fix the problem, when they are merely masking the pain; potentially allowing you to do yourself more damage in the process.

K-Laser Therapy

Having sampled various methods of pain/inflammation relief such as ultrasound, electrotherapy, cryotherapy and basic RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) I found some degree of relief, but I was spending more and more time managing my pain until I discovered K-Laser therapy!

What does it do?

When an area of the body is injured, the body’s natural reaction is to create local swelling (inflammation) in the area. Although this is useful for the healing process with some injuries, it is often a lengthy and potentially harmful period with high levels of pain and irritability.
K-Laser works by using an infrared beam that penetrates the skin and gives all the cells more energy to move and collide and react; resulting in more healing and a reduction in inflammation and pain. It can sound daunting to a patient but this entire effect feels like a gentle wave of relieving heat spreading through the body. As both an operator and patient of K-Laser therapy I have reported and been told of the sensation of pain leaving the area and how it has changed people’s lives for the better.

Where can it be used?

To list the entirety of K-Laser’s protocols and areas of use would take far too long as the possibilities of its use are huge. Each area of the body comes with its own tailored setting and power output, meaning it can specifically penetrate at the depth required to provide the most relief and effect. From personal experience, its effect on both chronic and acute back pain is remarkable. If you have been suffering with a recent or long-term injury, it is worth contacting your nearest Proback clinic providing K-Laser Therapy and asking about how it can benefit you.

Last modified : January 19, 2018