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Proback are experts in treating sciatica, a condition caused by compression on the sciatic nerve. Although Sciatica is a common diagnosis, it is usually the sign of a more serious problem with the discs of the spine. Our most effective treatment for sciatica is spinal decompression.

  • Recent studies of patients suffering chronic pain for over 10 years saw a reduction in pain by 50%
  • Spinal decompression was found to give good or excellent relief of sciatic and back pain in 86% of those surveyed
  • Uses a small percentage of the body weight to gently stretch the spine, alleviating the pressure on the nerve and enabling the damaged area to begin the healing process

“I have more energy and less pain and my posture has changed for the better”

Elena C

20th January 2017

Patients in a study who had suffered chronic lower back pain for ten or more years, who followed a specific treatment protocol for two weeks, saw a reduction in pain levels by up to 50% (John Hopkins University).

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