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Sandra's Story March 2018
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Compilation August 2017
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Written Testimonials

“I feel much better and fit!”

I am extremely happy and satisfied with the excellent treatment at Proback. The staff are helpful and experienced. I feel much better and fit!

Ahmed Latif February 15, 2017

“My pain levels have reduced and I’m more flexible.”

Before, I was more rigid in my movements with a painful spine, and lack of feeling and movement in my leg. Now my pain levels have reduced and I’m more flexible.

Cecil Nelson July 13, 2016

“My pain disappeared

I’m feeling much better! My pain disappeared and I can do movements that I never even imagined doing before.

Cacilda Stakteas February 24, 2017

“I have more confidence in my overall movement”

Before treatment I felt stiffness in my lower back, with painful back spasms and aches in my shoulders. After treatment I feel much looser and more confidence in my overall movement.

Andy Smart March 8, 2017

“I have free movement, less pain and less stiffness.”

I have free movement, less pain and less stiffness. I feel more relaxed and relief from the pain in my neck and mid-back.

Lawrence Wilson May 19, 2016

“I feel stronger and the pain is gone”

Before treatment my movement was restricted and painful, now I feel light and stronger and the pain is gone!

Georgina Atandare March 16, 2016

“My posture has changed for the better.”

I was in a lot of pain, with low energy and couldn’t do very much. After treatment I feel I have much more energy which is great! I am in less pain and feel my posture has changed for the better.

Elena Cooper April 14, 2016

“I was shocked at the difference after my first session.”

Before treatment I was very sore in my lower back due to a slipped disc, I was unable to exercise, walking was difficult, as was sitting for too long. Now I’m back at the gym with no pain at all, would highly recommend a visit to the clinic. I was shocked at the difference after my first session.

Debbie Gore June 16, 2016

Proback have been amazing they have given me my life back!

A snowboarding injury at the beginning of last year left me with a prolapsed disc and trapping the sciatic nerve down my leg, I have never experienced such debilitating pain where I was not even able to walk a few steps… I saw Probacks advert in the paper and this was a last effort before I would give in and have the disc surgery…. I can honestly say Proback and David have been amazing they have given me my life back. I feel like a different person and have not had a problem yet.


Toni Hope January 23, 2019