Are Neck Adjustments Safe?

July 6, 2020

Author: Dr David Brown DC - Clinic Director & Chiropractor , Surbiton Branch

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Are Neck Adjustments Safe?

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When discussing safety in Chiropractic the neck deserves it’s own special segment many patients are very squeamish about having their neck touched and whilst chiropractic is considered one of the safest health care professions around many are particularly concerned with neck adjustments.

Firstly, chiropractors are highly trained to spot patients who might be contraindicated for an adjustment i.e those who are in danger of a cardiovascular event. But no professional is infallible.

Research conducted into the incidence of neck related strokes, VBA’s which is the main concern when we’re doing neck adjustments actually shows that stroke events occurred at an equal rate in GP consultations without adjustments as it does in chiropractic consultations.

The conclusion being unfortunately a tiny fraction of patients attending both GP’s and chiropractors are already suffering the initial stages of dissection which is what is causing their neck pain and there’s no significant difference in the outcome whether an adjustment is performed or not.

As a side note ProBack Clinics are all equipped with Shockwave Therapy which allows us to mobilise the spine rather than needing to manipulate, Spinal Decompression Therapy & K-Laser Therapy which offer a non-invasive alternative to traditional chiropractic adjustments.


So for those of you who are just not comfortable with the idea of having your neck cracked we have an excellent non-manipulative option to still get you some success. 


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LITERATURE REVIEW REPORTS SAFETY AND EFFECTIVENESS OF CERVICAL HVLA SMT. A team of researchers from Rome, Italy has concluded that cervical high-velocity, low amplitude spinal manipulation produces wide-ranging effects including those remote from the cervical spine [1].

Reference: [1] Giacalone A, Febbi M, Magnifica F, et al. (April 15, 2020) The Effect of High Velocity Low Amplitude Cervical Manipulations on the Musculoskeletal System: Literature Review. Cureus 12(4): e7682. DOI 10.7759/cureus.7682
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