Rehabilitation Exercises

At Proback, we are great believers in rehabilitation. Every patient who comes through our doors will be given a care plan based on their diagnosis. This plan will involve both in house treatments using our cutting edge technology, but also elements that call on the patient to perform simple home exercises and correction techniques.

Why is rehabilitation important?

The goal of rehabilitation is to improve the effectiveness of treatments, this can help to prolong the effects of the treatment, and sustain them in the long-term.

The mechanics of our bodies allow us to produce motion. The stability of this motion is needed to help us function at our best. We rely on our central nervous system, joints and muscles, but if one of these three parts isn’t working properly this will have a knock-on effect on the other two. This can mean the body may experience instability, loss of function and pain. Normally, it is a slow deconditioning of these systems that leaves us at a higher risk of injury. At Proback, we have an in-depth understanding of how this process happens over time. With pioneering clinical therapies at our disposal, we are unique in that we are able to help patients move away from the medical protocol of drugs and surgery.

Frequent Questions

What type of rehabilitation will I receive?

How long does a rehabilitation programme last?

Can I continue to exercise or play sports during my treatment?

“I feel stronger and the pain is gone”

Georgina Atandare

16th March 2016

“I was shocked at the difference after my first session.”

Debbie Gore

16th June 2016

“My pain disappeared

Cacilda Stakteas

24th February 2017


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